Is it a Good Idea to Hire an SEO Company?

Not every business will require the need for an SEO company and many aren’t yet ready to partner with an SEO agency. It is important that services and needs match. Below we have put some points to consider whether it is the right fit and time for collaboration.

Hire if you are having internal resources dedicated to SEO

We are living in 2019. It has been a long time since anyone can go out and hire a firm and do that SEO stuff and get your results with zero efforts from your side. The fact is if you can dedicate time and resources from your end, then results can be achieved.

You have analytics data that you can trust

Plano SEO or any other agency will want to fix up any data integrity problems from your side prior to moving ahead or setting goals with a project. You have to know what holes need to be plugged and how much you have in your bucket before taking a decision to hire an agency. Prior to starting SEO, you need to understand your conversion funnel, e-commerce tracking set up and double – counting sessions.

Hire if you have Good Budget

A typical one-year project for large or medium-sized business will cost more than $100K. This includes setting goals, a dedicated team, content strategy, project plan and strategy, technical SEO and others. If this budget is expensive for 12 months, hiring an in-house professional will not likely be any cheaper in terms of fixed costs, benefits and salary.

If for any reason you don’t have the capital to hire an agency, looking for a good individual consultant can work wonders. There are plenty of consultants who work as freelancers as well as for agencies who can be helpful for your business. You can also make a request to Plano SEO agency if they can work for two to four months pilot project when you have a tight budget.

The SEO firm should be a Good Fit for your Culture

If your working culture has some plans that may change anytime, many agencies will prefer not to work in this environment. On the other side, if you are searching for a firm to communicate daily, send reports monthly or weekly, have weekly calls and will be a part of your team, you need to know how they will be communicating with the clients to ensure it aligns with your requirements.

The agency will not lock you into One-year contract

Everyone wants to be treated fairly. If for any reason, you are not getting the expected results after a few months and have to pull the plug, you need not have to pay for the rest months. So, 1 or 2-month outs for both parties should be mentioned in the contract and Plano SEO agency must cooperate and have a transition plan for the next agency if required.

The SEO agency must focus on measuring Goals and Revenue

Any firm that promises to get you rank for some quoted price; you should immediately flag the firm and move to the next firm. Agencies will be asking about annual goals, past records and how they will be driving revenue for your business. It is impossible to pay your bills in rankings and the agency you will be hiring should not measure their success in terms of rankings. Rankings are a good indicator that things are on the right path. However, if they are not followed by increases in revenue, conversions, and traffic, then simply they are a vanity metric.

You should hire an SEO firm if you are investing to know your audience

Any reputed agency will not be talking about keywords and throwing content to see what works. Instead, they are more interested to connect with the expert on your business. They are willing to know how people search and use your products and services, life stages that trigger actions, understand customer life cycles. The agency will try to understand whether we are reaching everyone just about to enter your funnel and catering those ready to convert too.

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