Search Engine Marketing Services – A Way to Online Marketing Success

Search engine marketing in China is different than the rest of the world. Hence the strategies and tips used to get online marketing success also vary. Here we have discussed some useful tips to use search engine marketing to reach the Chinese audience.

State of the Internet in China

Before learning search engine marketing tips, you need to understand the state of the Internet in China. The Chinese government heavily governs the Internet in China. Also, Internet leaders in China are different than the rest of the world. For example, Baidu is the most popular search engine with more than 174 million daily active users.

Baidu is known as Google of China, with 665 million active users. According to reports, Baidu holds around 78.63% share in China’s mobile search market and 42.98% share in China’s desktop search market. WeChat, Weibo, and QQ are three popular social media platforms in China, with millions of active users.

Now let’s understand how search engine marketing can get you online marketing success in China.

Search Engine Marketing in China is Cheap

For businesses wanting to gain entry and expand the customer base in China, Baidu SEM is the cheapest option to start with. Baidu’s PPC operates on the same lines as Google Ads, but there are quite a few differences. If your product is unique and there is demand in China market, you could achieve success soon.

Unlike Google users who see Ads as a nuisance, Baidu’s users don’t mind ads. According to research, 47% of Baidu users don’t mind Ads. Chinese audience believes if the business is spending money on advertising their product on Baidu, it is a sign of their confidence in the goodness of their product.

The majority of Chinese manufacturers don’t advertise their products, so the advertising space is less crowded. So the company selling a unique product in China market has high potential to achieve online success through search engine marketing.

Baidu Pay-Per-Click

Search engine marketing in China revolves around Baidu’s PPC program. Established in 2000, Baidu has never lost its Internet leadership in China market. Without any doubt, Baidu is a search engine giant in China. Here are some advantages of Baidu PPC.

· Appear Instantly in Search Results

By running a targeted PPC campaign on Baidu; your website can appear instantly in the search results. PPC campaign shows ads in front of your customers, allowing them to visit your website and increase sales. Baidu PPC campaign has the power to take your online marketing efforts up a notch and make your marketing campaign successful.

· Cost-Effective

Cost and ROI are two crucial factors of a PPC campaign. Baidu PPC is cost-effective, and the pricing starts from $1,000 along with an initial service fee of $142. The PPC costs differ for regions and industries. If your business niche has less competition, the prices of PPC campaigns can be quite low.

· Measure ROI

Baidu offers advanced tools to measure the success of your search engine marketing strategies. The tools allow you to determine how much exactly your return on investment is.

Baidu Display Ad Network

Baidu Ad display network is a powerful tool for increasing brand exposure in China. The ad display network has more than 600,000 sites that can be used to display your banner and text ads. Baidu’s Ad display network allows you to gain more impressions that could be attained on the search engine alone.

Baidu will only charge your account when any potential customer clicks your ad. The charges are not related to how many times your ad is displayed during a day or specific period. This helps in keeping the costs low.

The search engine does not charge businesses for malicious clicks like the use of click cheating software or multiple clicks by the same person.

Baidu Brand Zone

Baidu Brand Zone is a unique search engine marketing tool where your company’s brand logo, company introduction, and tailored content is displayed when anyone uses brand-specific keywords.

These are some of how search engine marketing in China can help you reach the Chinese audience and expand user base in China market. Do you’ve any questions?

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