The Advantages of Baidu PPC

People who are aware of the Chinese digital marketing landscape knows very well of Baidu. Unlike many of the Western counterparts, this search engine offers paid promotions and advertising for organizations and brands that aim to entice or familiarize the audience of China with their services and products. One of the popular formats for Baidu advertising is the Pay per Click model or the PPC. Baidu PPC is a process of online promotion for which the payment depends on results. With PPC, a small investment helps you to bring a huge volume of potential customers for your business thereby increasing brand recognition and sales volume.

The charges for Baidu PPC based on the number of potential customers that it brings for visiting a business’s site. With Baidu, your business has the flexibility for controlling online marketing investment and allows you to gain the maximum possible return on investment. It has a high-level performance-to-price ratio that allows businesses to gain potential customers without spending much money. Using Baidu has several advantages and few of them are discussed below.

Huge Coverage

In China, Baidu is the most popular and largest search engine covering more than 95% of citizens through its services. The share in the Chinese search engine market is more than 80% with databases of millions of Chinese websites. On a daily basis, Baidu receives billions of queries. This sheer size of Baidu helps in allowing PPC advertising that helps to reach a huge majority of the Chinese audience and population with ease. Businesses that follow this model have better visibility through advertisements that are displayed on the Baidu’s search result pages.

Better Targeting Capabilities

It helps the marketers for targeting their audience appropriately with the help of keywords that further have different match types like exact match, exact phrase match, synonym phrase match, phrase match, and broad match. Additionally, Baidu allows a number of characters to be inserted in the ad text than many other search engines – a feature that is loved by content marketers. It also allows for images or videos that are displayed alongside in the advertisements. This is specifically visible in the Baidu brand zone where advertisers are able to integrate social media links, banners, and many others into a customizable ad format. This helps in improving the click-through rates as well as makes the ads more captivating to searches. The search engine allows you for setting the time and the location for your ad to be delivered, a feature that is very helpful to target audience.

Customized Promotions

Baidu PPC ads consist of minimum caps and allow you to set your budget and a weekly or daily spending cap so that you are not exceeding spending limits beyond what is planned. It also allows you to bid prices for keywords under a specific ad group that is to be adjusted based on the matching types. PPC also provided insights into the regular search volume for keyword recommendation, specific keywords, etc. which helps in improving click-through rates and conversions.

Charges when Clicked

As the name already suggests, PPC campaigns charge money only when you will be clicking the ad link that redirects you to the site of the advertiser. There will no charges on impressions which means for displaying your advertisements on Baidu’s search result page. This process is more worthy as there are high chances that you are likely to receive a click from a potential client than someone who is not interested in your service or product.


Like many search engines and their ad services, Baidu provides advanced and generic extensions for making your ad more helpful and useful to searchers. This includes Sitelink for adding more web link to the ad, Shantou for a listing of products in subcategories and categories and Dynamic Callouts that are displayed as a single sentence under the daily headline for indicating the utilities of a specific service or product. Advanced extensions include those for form submission links, short forms, inquiries, calls and much more.

All the above-mentioned pros make Baidu PPC a higher return as well as a low-cost option for digital marketing and advertising in China.

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