Why You Need Creative Staffing Agencies to Hire the Right Talent

Finding the right creative person is a difficult task. As per the Frontline Source group survey, around 90% of employers use employment agencies to meet their staffing needs. Here are some reasons to use creative staffing agencies Los Angeles to hire the right talent.

Speedy Recruitment

According to Global Talent report published by Creative Industries Federation, there is a massive talent shortage in the creative sector. As a result, many companies are unable to find the right talent and the time to hire becomes unusually long. Unlike creative staffing agencies, internal recruiters don’t have large networks which limit their ability to reach the right creative talent.

Creative staffing agencies are always hiring; it is their daily work. They consistently identify new ways to find candidates. The staff of creative staffing agencies attends industry meetups, conferences, and other events to build a strong network. This way creative employment agencies can find the right talent faster than internal recruiters.

Finding Right Candidates the First Time

Finding the right candidates for hard-to-fill positions is extremely difficult. However, most creative staffing agencies in Los Angeles have done a lot of hard work already for their clients and gathered an extensive pool of talent to choose from.

Creative staffing agencies tap a wide variety of channels to source talent. For example, you will find their hiring managers sourcing talent from social media networks like LinkedIn, Twitter and even Facebook.

The recruiting agencies use innovative hiring strategies to recruit the right candidates. For example, they use social media to forge a meaningful relationship with passive candidates. If the need arises, they can reach passive candidates and speak with them about the job opportunity available in your organization.

Creative staffing agencies know that the staffing requirements of their clients differ even when they are hiring for the same job. That is why recruiting agencies to spend a lot of time testing a candidate’s knowledge about software, checking their references, reviewing their portfolios, and going deeper to understand the personality of the candidate.

The recruiting agencies do a lot of legwork to ensure the candidate is a good fit for the job not only in terms of skills but to also see that the candidate matches the employer’s company culture. Creative staffing agencies also conduct in-depth employment history reviews to understand the talent’s weaknesses and strength. All this helps the recruitment agency to find the right candidates who are also a cultural fit.


Leading creative staffing agencies consider their clients’ success as their responsibility. Many recruiting agencies give different types of guarantees for the candidates they hire for their clients. For example, some recruiting agencies offer a full refund guarantee while some offer free replacement guarantee. Here is a brief explanation of what those guarantees mean.

  1. Full Refund Guarantee– The recruitment agency charges a specific fee for every candidate they hire. If the new recruit leaves the company for any reason before the agreed period, the recruitment agency gives a complete refund of the fee it received for hiring the candidate.
  1. Free Replacement Guarantee– If the new hire leaves the company before the agreed period, the recruitment agency will provide a new candidate free of charge. The guarantees also apply if their client finds any candidate unsuitable for the job. Thus, you can see the recruitment agencies not only recruit the right candidates but also take responsibility for the new hire to reduce attrition or loss for their clients.

Salary Negotiation

Salary negotiation is a big deal between the candidate and the company. After going through various rounds of interviews if the negotiations fail, the whole recruitment process could be wasted. Creative staffing agencies conduct deep research and establish a salary range for the position even before they start recruiting. They take into account different factors like market value of the position your company is hiring for, current demand for the skills required, and years of experience.

The recruitment agency sets a benchmark level as per industry standards. The staffing agency can help both the candidate and client to reach a mutually acceptable compensation package that leads to a successful hire.

These are some of the reasons to use creative staffing agencies in Los Angeles to hire the right creative talent.

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