Why Companies Obtain Email Filtering and Anti-Spam Services?

Gone were the days when there was less impact on your business when spam was a worrying factor. Sadly, spam has become an aggressive threat making its mark by using rapidly evolving methods and sophisticated attacks. Spam is no longer a random junk e-mail but it has become a costly headache for both administrators and users. Now, spam contains malware which hackers send smartly disguised mails to your account. As soon as an employee clicked the spam, your computer system gets infected with a virus and private data gets stolen through phishing method. The malware then spread across the entire network and beyond. The truth is your employees have to pause and analyze every single attachment and link that will add hours of lost productivity. Sometimes, spam can be so convincing that a professional can able to identify the problem. Moreover, your employees are likely to miss a vital mail either not noticing it arrive at the same time when there is spam attack or becoming overwhelmed with infinite mails.

Misery does not end here. What happens when there is an outage in the network or there is a failure in the on-premise mail server? What about the users who need to access their work mail when mail server becomes offline? Then there are exhausted network administrators who have to make sure that filters are updated and have to dig through the quarantine folder for a particular mail and provide reports about the user. There is no end to the list. To get rid of all the above issues, companies must have a cloud-based email filtering and anti-spam services. Why you should opt these services are described in the following points.

Individual junk email quarantines

A reputed cloud-based email filtering service allows the administrator for empowering the users so that they can manage their quarantined spam. This enables the employees in checking their spam quarantine for any authentic mail caught by the spam filters without having to disturb the IT guys with queries.

Automated email digests for users

Life would be easier if an organization’s employees could automatically receive a summary of any suspected spam or spam messages, identifying any false positives and releasing them from quarantine with just a single click. Moreover, you do not feel the need to calling the IT desk. This is possible with a good anti-spam service where users have the option to choose how and when they want to get the reports.

Outbound and Inbound Spam filtering

Top anti-spam solutions filters spam even before it enters your inbox, but makes sure the service provider also offers outbound spam filtering. Email is two-way traffic where employees need to send and reply to mails. This means some mails can contain inappropriate attachments or content. Additionally, if one of the machines get infected and used as a bot for sending out spam, you require outbound filtering for stopping this from happening and more crucial is to safeguard your company’s reputation.

No single point of failure

As your mail server often becomes a single point of failure, the hosted provider that is filtering your mail uses several systems across numerous datacenters working round the clock ensuring that you are getting maximum reliability and scalability.

Saving Money and Time

With cloud-based email filtering and anti-spam services, you will save enough money on maintenance, software, operating system, hardware as well the time spent on configuring and managing the software.

Cutting edge technologies

Please remember that these services use the best and the latest technologies for reducing risk and cleaning your mail from email and spam threats. Mails are constantly monitored by email security specialists who ensure that the systems are tweaked for blocking the latest type of spam. This not only ensures a high level of mail security but also free up bandwidth as well as reducing the load on the mail server because mail traffic has been cleaned before it reaches your network.

Email Continuity

During server failure or an outage, your mails do not get lost but are kept in a queue. If you have internet connectivity, you can able to access a webmail console and respond, check and send mails from there thereby ensuring mail continuity.

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