Why Business Organizations Cannot Ignore Spam Filtering?

According to recent spam statistics, 50% of all emails sent worldwide are spam. It means a large amount of spam is bound to reach your company’s email server. Also, spam has not remained a mere annoyance, it has evolved into a bigger threat.

The improvement in technology has made spam more lethal and it is now used as a tool for several types of security and financial scams. Due to these threats, ignoring spam filtering is a reckless choice for any business. Here are some reasons why organizations cannot ignore anti-spam solutions.

Block Threats

Phishing scams are one of the advanced threats that are intended to trick users to provide confidential information. Cybercriminals run phishing scams to obtain bank details, passwords, credit card details and more.

Phishing scams are on the rise and they are now more sophisticated than ever. According to 2019 State of Phish report, 76% of businesses have reported being the victim of phishing attack last year. According to the SANS Institute study, 95% of enterprise network attacks were the result of successful spear phishing attack.

Anti-spam solutions use advanced filters to prevent spam from entering your company’s email server thus blocking threats and preventing damage.

Filters Legitimate Mail

According to a Spamlaws.com report, around 14.5 billion emails are sent every single day. Some people get around 300 spam emails every day. If your inbox is also full of spam mail, you are bound to face difficulties in finding a legitimate email.

To ensure optimal productivity, the organization needs to ensure employees do not waste time sorting through their inbox and finding legitimate emails. Anti-spam filters use advanced technology to recognize spam and prevent them from entering your email server. As a result real mail only reaches employees inbox that helps increase productivity.

Meet Data Regulations

According to InfoSec report, spearfishing is one of the threats that come with spam emails. Advances in technology have made spam a bigger threat and spammers employ ingenious phishing attacks to carry out data thefts and financial frauds.

Businesses are bound by data regulations that require them to protect privacy and sensitive data of their customers at any cost. According to the Global Legal Group study, penalties for non-compliance are hefty and companies may be fined millions of dollars for inability to protect customer data.

Spam filtering solutions help companies meet data regulations lay down by the government and protect customer’s privacy and sensitive information.

Save Valuable Storage Space

Without anti-spam filters in place, a large number of spam emails will find their way to your email server. This spam mail will continue to hog valuable storage space until you take efforts to delete them. With the anti-spam filter in place, spam mail will not reach your email server and only real mail will reside on your email server.

Protect Business Reputation

Reputation is important for every business. Building a brand takes time but the whole brand image can be shattered by one negative news about your business. Data breaches could bring a bad name to your organization and it can reduce your customer’s trust and interest in your business. Anti-spam solutions work to protect business reputation by keeping spams away from your mail server.

Reduce Internet and Data Costs

If you look at the number of spam emails that are being sent every day, it is not hard to imagine the burden of internet traffic on your internet service provider. Without an anti-spam solution, spam mail will reach your email server and your Internet service provider would be required to supply extra network capacity to your network and servers. This would increase your organizational and data costs.

Anti-spam solutions are installed at the gateway. By stopping the emails at the gateway, it reduces Internet traffic to your network and servers. This means your Internet Service Provider would not be required to supply extra network capacity which would automatically reduce internet and data costs for your organization.

Spam is on the rise and shows no signs of stopping. Spam filtering solutions protect your business and help you focus on business activities without worrying about spam and threats associated with it.

Do you know any other reasons to use anti-spam solutions? Please feel free to comment.

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